Our company uses wooden and stainless steel materials of the highest quality, which are selected and processed by qualified technicians.


“Memelwood” offers a wide range of hot tubs, saunas and other wooden manufactures. We always take into account the individual needs of clients.


Relying on the hight quality of our manufactures “Memelwood” gives its customers a 24 month guarantee of its products. Electric appliance installations have a 12-month warranty period.


Install a source of pleasure and health in your home, rural homestead or garden. Treat your family, your friends and yourself with a relaxing and enjoyable surprise that a hot tub or a sauna can offer.

Everyone dreams of a way to relax and escape from the routine of work, find new strength, spend time invigoratingly and fun. Therefore, our made natural products – hot tubs and saunas, that you can use in all seasons, will meet all your wishes to recollect oneself.


Bathing in a hot tub as well as in a sauna is a great way to prevent colds. Hot tubs and saunas provide organs with oxygen and improves blood circulation in in our bodies.

This relatively simple procedure has a significant impact on your health – protection against flu, positive effects on the joints, nerves, heart and blood vessels, improves metabolism and overall well-being.

Japanese doctors say that people who frequently use hot tubs rarely suffer from heart diseases and rheumatisms.


MB “Memelwood” as a wood processing company, started its activities in producing garden furniture, outdoor hot tubs and garden houses.

After gaining experience in wooden product manufacturing and earning client trust “Memelwood” is now working to offer you quality products at an affordable price. You just need to submit your request and we will implement it in time.

We offer our customers a healthy and natural leisure spending with wooden houses, hot tubs and saunas.