Probably everyone is looking for new ways to relax after a day of various activities. A unique and interesting way to relax is outdoor hot tub – Japanese bath.  As it known, the Japanese are very hard-working, diligent people, so the idea that everything is done qualitatively realized this product. Japanese way of bathing  isn’t sitting in a hot sauna but in hot water. Europeans not only love to bathe in hot water, but also refresh in cold water. Natural wooden hot tubs connects people closer to nature. Feeling the smell of natural wood gives a pleasant sensation, improves health (promotes te circulation of blood and oxygen to organs of self-sufficiency).


We manufacture Siberian spruce and Siberian larch wooden hot tubs, we also work with oak and thermo wood.

Siberian spruce hot tubs are lightweight, easily transported (can be dissembled when transporting) and easy to maintain. These hot tubs take up to 24h to swell up water for use. Siberian spruce hot tubs last for 10 years.

Siberian larch hot tubs are very durable, can last up to from 15 to 20 years. They are 20% heavier that Siberian spruce hot tubs and take up to 5 days to swell up for use. These hot tubs are distinguished by their beautiful wood texture.

Polypropylene and fiber glass hot tubs can be equipped with: Siberian spruce, Siberian larch, oak or thermo wood finishes. These hot tubs are very durable, easy to maintain and clean.

All our manufactured products before delivery are thoroughly inspected and tested.


Before using a wooden hot tub you have to fill the hot tub with water and let the water to swell up, it can take from 1 to 5 days (depending on wood type). After, you can star to heat up the stove. It is forbidden to star heating up to stove if there is no water in the hot tub. The stove needs to be heated with small and dry pieces of wood, the water heats up in about 2-3 hours, depending on the temperature and capacity of the poured water, outdoor temperatures. The oven needs to be cleaned once every 4 times of using. Also the hot tub needs to be lifted up 10-15cm from the ground.

One of the most important tasks is to place the hot tub outdoors or in a well ventilated room. Once the water heats up to 40°C recommended temperature, you can star bathing. When in the hot tub make sure for the heart area to remain above the water. It is recommended to place a cap or tower, that are moistened with cold water on your head.

After bathing do not pour out the water, not until the heater cools off completely.

During warm seasons a fully wooden hot tub must constantly be filled with water and constantly refilled with new water. During cold seasons it is necessary to drain all the water out, otherwise the ice will damage the tub.