Sauna – it is a pleasure for body and soul. It can be used in any season: hot summer day as well in autumn and winter. Try the health benefits that a sauna presents: heart performance improvement, reliefs pain in joints and it`s also a fun activity for family and friends.

“Memelwood” offers a wide range of various saunas. Our saunas are manufactured using the highest quality of carefully selected wood and stainless steel materials, which are processed by qualified technicians. Most of our saunas are round shaped, this type of saunas have superior heat circulations and reduces the heating zone by 23%.

Saunas come in different shapes and sizes and are manufactured using Siberian spruce, Siberian larch and dark alder. Our saunas are equipped with Harvia wood fueled or electric heaters. All saunas are equipped with internal and external lighting, bitumen roof, steam room glass doors and other various accessories…