Barrel saunas

Health care and prevention is one of the main things people worry about, and constantly are looking for new ways to improve their health. Saunas are one way to improve your health. Barrel-shaped saunas have better heat circulation than rectangular saunas and reduce the heating zone by 23%.

Barrel saunas are manufactured in in 2,5m; 3m; 4m; 5m length and 1,9m and 2,2m in diameter. Barrel saunas are mainly made from 42mm thick planks, from chose wood: Siberian spruce or Siberian larch.

Exterior: the sauna has outdoor lighting, bitumen roofing, sauna stands on three legs and the whole exterior body is reinforced with stainless steel strips. Also includes lockable wooden door, window, exterior body can be impregnated.

Interior: If the sauna is longer than 3m, it contains a pre-room. The sauna room has glass doors. Sauna room benches are made from black alder for better heat resistance. The sauna is equipped with Harvia M3 (13kw) wood fueled or electric heater, the heater is separated with pieces of minerit to reflect the heat. Internal lighting is installed. A water tank of 22l can be equipped above the heater.

Other accessories come with the price: sauna hats, thermometer, wooden bucket with a wooden spoon.