What hot tub to choose?

Buying a hot tub you will have to decide who will take care of it, also consider your time and costs.

Which is the best hot tub for you – wood or plastic?

The main difference between a wooden hot tub and a plastic hot tub is their maintenance and use. A large part of the hot tubs we manufacture are polypropylene and fiber glass. These materials do not require much maintenance as wooden hot tubs. Our polypropylene and fiber glass hot tubs are very strong, resistant and easy to clean. All hot tubs have external wooden finish, so every hot tub looks just as beautiful and natural on the outside. After using plastic or fiber glass hot tubs you can drain the water. A wooden hot tub has to be constantly filled with water, so it won`t dry out.

How to choose the right size?

The size depends on how many people usually will bathing. Usually the water heats up from 2 to 4 hours, but it also depends on outdoor temperature, water temperature, and the kind of wood you burn. In a smaller hot tub the water heats up much more quickly. For personal use the most optimal option would be 180cm diameter hot tub (4-6 people).

Hot to properly take care of a plastic hot tub?

We recommend to fire up the heater when the water level is 10cm from the top. It is forbidden to fire up the heater if there is no or little water in the hot tub, because it would damage the hot tub. Drain the water out of the hot tub, when the heater cools down. It is crucial that you drain the water out of the hot tub when outdoor temperature is below 0Cº. Plastic hot tubs do not soak, or need any special attention, these hot tub are cleanable with basic pool chemicals.

Which heater to choose – external or internal?

Both heaters are similar. The main difference is that internal heaters are place inside the hot tub, that means less space for people. External heaters are placed next to the hot tub, and are easy to disconnect.

How to fire up the heater?

The heater needs to be fueled with well dried, small pieces of wood. We recommend to mix the water every 30min. when heating.

How to properly bathe in the hot tub?

Hot tub bathing traditions came from Japan. Japanese homemade sauna bathing traditions can be linked to todays hot tubs. You should take a shower before entering a hot tub. When in the hot tub make sure for the heart area to remain above the water. It is recommended to place a cap or tower, that are moistened with cold water on your head. After 10min of bathing your pulse can rise up to 120 beats per minute, so it is common to fell a light head buzz if your bathing in a hot tub for the first time.

How many people can fit in a hot tub?

160cm diameter – 4 people

180cm diameter – 5 people

190cm diameter – 5-6 people

200cm diameter – 6-7 people

220cm diameter – 7-8 people

Transportation costs in Lithuania

Hot tub transportation in Lithuania costs 0,30€/km.

How to take care of a wooden hot tub?

Wooden hot tub require more care than plastic hot tubs.

  • Soaking – newly acquired hot tubs need to be soaked before use, so water won`t leak out of the hot tub.
  • Impregnation – the exterior body of a hot tub needs to be impregnated at least once a year, to keep the hot tub durable from outdoor effects.
  • Covering – it seems elementary, but the hot tub, which is not in use, needs to be covered. This is done because of garbage, animal access to the water, and if you have children it’s a good idea to do this for their safety.

Is there a warranty for hot tubs?

Yes. We give a 2 year warranty for hot tus.

How long a hot tub is produced?

We manufacture your hot tub in 1-2 weeks.