Fiber glass hot tub (sizes/ø: 180cm)

We offer fiber glass got tubs. The main difference between a fiber glass hot tub and a polypropylene hot tub is that fiber glass hot tubs benches and sil is from the same alloy. Fiber glass hot tub advantages: water doesn’t need to be constantly in the hot tub, hot tub can be cleaned with chemicals, hot tub almost doesn’t wear out and is more hygienic. Fiber glass thickness is 4,5mm, the exterior body is covered in 20mm wooden planks, that can we chosen from Siberian spruce, Siberian larch, Oak, Thermo wood. Available colors of the interior body: white, blue, sky blue.

Fiber glass hot tub standard complectation:

  • Fiber glass hot tub
  • Stainless steel heater (interior, exterior, electric) with 2m long chimney and a protective hat.
  • Stainless steel belts
  • Paddle for ash
  • Exterior wooden steps
  • Wooden fence – protection from the internal heater
  • Mini bar
  • Paddle for water mixing
  • Thermometer

Additional accessories are available:

  • Wooden cover, fiber glass cover or tent
  • Chimney protector
  • Plastic interior heater protective fence
  • Internal heaters tin cover
  • Exterior impregnation
  • SPA air bubble system
  • SPA water jet system
  • Water filtration
  • Hot tub warming
  • Combinated SPA system
  • LED lighting

Types of heaters:

Internal heater – this type of heater is located inside the hot tub and separated by a wooden fence. Because this heater is inside the hot tub, wood for burning is placed through the heaters roof. This heater comes with a stainless steel paddle for ash. Because the heater is inside the hot tub, less space remains in the hot tub itself. There are three types of these heaters (18Kw;22Kw;24Kw).

External heaters – is placed next to the hot tub. The heater contains a drawer in which ash is being collected. There are three types of these heaters (20Kw;26Kw;30Kw).

Electric heater – electric heating is mainly made from 2 parts: water circulation pump and electric heater (3Kw). The water is manually adjusted. The electric heater has to be turned on all the time to sustain a minimal water temperature.