Internal heater Power
Small (1 V) 18Kw
Medium (2 V) 22Kw
Large (3 V) 24Kw
External heater Power
Heater 500 20Kw
Heater 750 26Kw
Heater 1000 30Kw

Internal wall thickness: 2mm

External wall thickness: 2mm

Weight 30-40kg

How long for the water to be heated properly?

Heaters need to be fueled with small, dry pieces of wood. The quickness for the water to be heated depends on the outdoor temperature, size of the hot tub, temperature of the poured water. When heating, we recommend to mix the water with our wooden paddle every 30min. The water heats up from  2 to 5h.

What is the difference between interior and exterior heaters?

Both types of heaters are similarly capable of heating water. The main difference between the two types is that the internal heater takes up more space in the hot tub.