LED lighting

LED lighting is resistant to water, with automatic and manual color changing systems, installed on the side wall of the interior hot tub body. LED standard complectation contains one LED lightbulb, one electrical block and a switch. One system is able to contain up to 4 lighbulbs.

SPA air system

SPA air system forms bubbles in the water. The system contains 12 air jets, which are powered by a 700W pump.

SPA water system

This is a hydro-massage jet system that sprays water currents under. The system contains 6 big water jets which are powered by a 900W water pump. You can adjust the current pressure manually.

SPA combinated massage system

This massage system contains both air and water system functions. The system has 8 hybrid jets that are powered by two pumps.

Hot tub Cover

One of the key accessories of a hot tub is its cover. A wooden cover gives the hot tub a more natural look, doesn’t allow for trash to fall into the hot tub, a helps to reach warm water temperatures quicker. If the hot tub is made from fiberglass, a fiber glass cover is available. This lid is dome-shaped, to better drain the water when it`s raining, also its more durable.

Chimney protector

When heating the hot tub, chimney heats up, so being prudent can easily cause burns on contact to the chimney. In order to protect children and guests from such accidents such an accessory is available.

Tin or wooden top on internal heater

If the hot tub has an internal heater we recommend to acquire a tin or wooden top for the water to heat up quicker also as to keep trash from falling into the area around the internal heater.


A tilt is an alternative to a hot tubs cover. The sheet of the tilt is made from waterproof fiber.

Polypropylene bench

Polypropylene hot tubs are produced with wooden benches. However, now the customer can choose polypropylene benches instead of the wooden benches.

Plastic protective fence

For customer who wish to have all main parts of the hot tub from the same alloy, we offer plastic protective fences, which are long lasting.

Paddle, wooden window sil and mini bar

When heating the hot tub it is recommended to mix the water every 30min for this we produce wooden paddles. Wooden sil is a practical item on which you can sit on or place your drinks, as well as a mini bar that protects drinks from spilling.