Ofuro bath (size: 160x100x100cm)

Internal body is made from fiber glass (benches as well as the sil is made from the same fiber glass alloy). Fiber glass is 4,5mm thick. Interior bodies available colors: white, blue. The external body of the bath is covered in wood, with 20mm thick planks of chosen wood (Siberian spruce, Siberian larch, Oak, Thermo wood).  For water heating you can have a wood fueled heater or an electric heater. The bath  fits 2 people. Water capacity: 700l. Bath weight: 100kg.

Ofuro bath standard complectation:

  • External stainless steel heater or electric heater
  • External wooden steps
  • 2m long chimney with a protective roof top
  • Mini bar
  • Wooden paddle for water mixing
  • Thermometer

Additional accessories are available:

  • LED lighting
  • Exterior body impregnation
  • Water filter
  • Chimney protector
  • Wooden cover or tent