Sauna house can be built in 3 sizes: 2.5x4m; 2.5x5m and 2.5x6m.

Exterior: The sauna has exterior lighting, the roof is covered in bitumin. Entrance doors can be made from glass or wood. Structure of the exterior sauna wall: 50x100mm frame; 20mm thick spruce paneling; windward membrane; 10mm thick rock wool; diffuse membrane; 15mm thick paneling from the interior side of the sauna.

Interior: The sauna house contains a pre-room with an openable window. The pre-room and steam room is separated by a glass door and a wooden wall that contains a special heat-reflecting membrane. The steam room walls are covered in linden panelings (conifers wall covering is an option), sauna benches are made from aspen, the steam room is equipped with a Harvia M3 (13kw) wood burning heater. The sauna oven wall is covered with minerit plates, preventing heat damage to the sauna walls. The heater is equipped with a 22l water tank. The steam room also contains lighting and an openable window.

Standard complectation contains: sauna hats; thermometer/hydrometer; wooden bucket with a wooden spoon.